Friday, January 2, 2009

Blogs to Subscribe to in 2009

arrow found the targetImage by melilab via FlickrObviously, I'm just getting started with this blog, that focuses on how small nonprofits can use social media, but there are a number of other social media blogs out there and not a small number are also interested in how SM can be used to the advantage of a nonprofit.

Here are a few that I think anyone interested in social media for nonprofits should be paying attention to.

Beth's Blog

Beth Kanter's posts are always meaty. A contributing editor for BlogHer, Beth gives you tool reviews, insight, and presents case studies by using the tools she discovers to benefit causes. Subscribe to her to find out the newest social media applications and plug-ins and the real-life results of using them.

Getting To the Point (Katya's Non-Profit Marketing Blog)

Katya Andresen, author of Robin Hood Marketing, shares practical tips to do your best marketing for your nonprofit. Her posts include advice like ways to get people to sign up for your newsletter, but she also generously shares fundraising e-books and the other goodies she finds on the interwebs. She mines other sites like that of the Center on Philanthropy for hard data that she then translates into informative posts we can all use to step up our game.


This blog's name doesn't seem to have a lot to do with social media or nonprofits, but being successful with community is something that Richard Millington knows a lot about. Based in the UK, Richard provides great advice at a furious pace. His advice is oriented towards anyone who wants to build a community, including businesses, but these days any nonprofit that wants to keep its head above water should be paying attention to the community surrounding it. They have the lifeboats - you have to connect with them.

When you read Richard's posts you just can't help yourself from thinking, "Yeah, he's absolutely right."

I'm sure there are a lot more great resources for nonprofits - small and large - looking for ways to improve their social media reach. I'll be looking for them during the rest of the year and sharing with you as I find them.
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Howard Kang said...

Thanks for these suggestions! It's great to see what people are reading.