Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Don't Compete - Combine!

image by deSKOLtrolado via Flickr 

Last month a local accounting consulting firm held a seminar for nonprofits in how to survive the economic downturn. The minute I saw it I thought what a great idea and why not broaden it?

When I was presenting on behalf of a local arts nonprofit, I often shared the stage with reps from other nonprofits. We became kind of a support group for one another because we believed that the missions of each are valuable to the community. If one nonprofit couldn't make a meeting, one of us would give their presentation for them. We didn't see ourselves as being competition for one another because we know that each person gives based on their own emotional response. 
We asked people to give from where their hearts were - as long as they gave, the community would benefit. 

And your small nonprofit can work together with others in your community to help each other get through the recession.

Within the larger community are experts (tax, accounting, operations, marketing, etc.) who can provide great information and support to nonprofits. Why not use your connections with the other small nonprofits and your social media networks to find these experts and put together a workshop?

Each nonprofit could do a share of the work and all of the nonprofit community would benefit. Ultimately, those you serve would benefit the most.

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