Friday, April 17, 2009

Experienced Help for Your Small Nonprofit Through Social Media

Comic by Mike Bannon

Besides the Wall Street meltdown, one of the biggest news stories of this recession is the high percentage of unemployment. And for over-50 workers, the outlook becomes even more serious

Even if your small nonprofit is not hiring, you can still do these folks a good turn and yourself one at the same time. Many of these people have years of experience in business and a number of them want to remain productive while they're looking for employment. So they're volunteering

How many times have you thought that, with just a little of the right help, your nonprofit could be more productive in the way it serves its mission? But hiring a consultant isn't in the budget. Thanks to the recession, you now have access to people whose skills were previously unavailable. And you can find them using the social media tools they are using to network in their search for employment, like LinkedIn or Twitter. Or you may even find them within your own online community, if you have one. And if you don't, an online community may be one of the things your volunteer consultant can help you with.

Besides providing an opportunity to keep their skills fresh, your nonprofit can give these invaluable volunteers references and work history to add to their resumes. Beyond that, your nonprofit can be a source of comfort, pride, accomplishment and camaraderie.

Economic recovery is going to be a slow process - for all of us. Let's take every opportunity we can to help one another.


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