Friday, February 11, 2011

Facebook: We Iz Now In Yur Car Reading Yur Posts


I only like the Olympics and baseball, so I wasn’t in the viewing audience when this commercial aired. But when I saw it later I knew I’d have to blog about it and what it might mean to your small nonprofit. Take a look:

 It’s not groundbreaking in terms of advertising originality, but I got two things from this:
  • Facebook is considered mainstream enough that being able to listen/dictate posts from your car is now considered a sales incentive for new car purchases
  • If your small nonprofit still doesn’t have an FB page, you’d better correct that, because FB is going even more mainstream

Imagine driving to a public meeting and posting to FB about it while en route, then posting your thoughts on the way back and hearing, real-time, the thoughts of your stakeholders and supporters? Naturally you can do all that from your smart phone already, but you can’t do it hands-free and you can’t continue to do it throughout the drive unless someone else is the driver. Yeah, you’re right; it’s not like they invented sliced bread, but it is an indicator of how integrated into daily life social media networks are becoming and how – even if you don’t make use of ALL of them –it’s good to know what the newest tools are for participating.

Speaking of Facebook

Nonprofit Tech 2.0 has a great post on the changes to the Facebook Pages feature. Check it out here.

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