Thursday, April 28, 2011

The K(no)w Post

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I didn't have a post planned for this week. When life wasn't so chaotic, I used to line up post ideas with notes and links so I could get right at one when I needed to. But I find that I prefer not having a lot of prepared stuff. I like looking around (I am a digital flaneuse, after all) and finding something in an article that makes me think and wonder and ponder and then sharing what I come up with. But I feel guilty about that sometimes, because I have been trained and my experience has been in preparation. Yet I also have a history of taking advantage of serendipity. (I believe preparation and serendipity are sympathetic tools.) So I was more pleased than surprised to find this post from Havi Brooks (The Big Duck) over at the Fluent Self.

Do you ever give yourself permission to do or not do things?

I do. I've gotten pretty good at it, too over the years. It started with giving myself permission to dabble, when everyone around me was specializing. Definitely this has proved to be the road less traveled and it has lately been a rocky path. But I'm in the camp of "do what brings joy into your life" even if it means you won't get rich (and I believe that unless you're really lucky, you can't do both. See this article by Jeff Haden at BNet), so I've never been sorry. I've experienced a lot of emotions related to my path, but regret isn't one of them.

So, if you don't like social media, don't force yourself. Find help in someone who likes social media and is already part of your staff or can support your nonprofit in social media with a little supervision. Please note that I'm not saying that it's okay to ignore social media or not give it a try. A lot of people who thought they wouldn't do well with it have turned out to do just fine. And ignoring it would be a mistake. It remains to be seen what it will become, but it's not going away.

Same goes for writing. Become as good a writer as you can, but if it's not your thing, get help when you can.

It's okay to not want to do things; you've got permission.

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