Thursday, May 5, 2011

My First Ever Roundup - Social Media for Your Small Nonprofit

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I've fooled around with the idea of doing roundups or carnivals on my blog, but this is the first time I will actually do it. I hope you find the stuff here as interesting as I did/do:

Data and ROI

I'm not a numbers person. I'm so not a numbers person that a HS math teacher once introduced a problem by saying that it had the peculiarity of being more easily solved by people bad at math than good at math. Then she said, "Robyn, this should be easy for you."

But as we all (should) know, the days of wondering if we should get our small nonprofits involved  in social media are gone and we are now more firmly on the path of trying to figure out how to measure results and use the data. One of our favorite data mavens, Beth Kanter, addresses that in her post, Want Social Media Results? Learn How to Use Data For Decisions. In this post, she pulls some great information from Holly Ross at NTEN, and if you don't know about this great resource, you should.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Google and other search engines have caught on to the SEO tricks that black hatters used (?) to use and loading up the html with keywords and metacontent doesn't game the system the way it used to. Still, some SEO is still called for, since we want others to find our content as easily as possible. And if you're a small nonprofit, you may not be able to afford your own designer website so you might be using Blogger or WordPress. In this post, designer WordPress designer Lisa Marie shares a few things you can do if yours is a WordPress site.

Facebook Tabs

If you don't do anything else with social media, you should have a Facebook page to allow you to talk with the others whose interests intersect with your nonprofit. It can be hard going to keep up with the changes that Facebook seems to make so frequently, but there are some great people monitoring them and providing us with the information and the know-how to make use of it. This particular post from Heather Mansfield blogging at Nonprofit Tech 2.0 talks about three ways to create customized tabs (although why they call them tabs when they aren't shown in tab format anymore, is beyond me) for your Facebook page, including what's good and bad about them.

Even if you don't plan to become conversant in HTML or CSS, you should try to learn a little about what it takes to make your social media intersections the best they can be, even if only to be able to understand what your tech advisor's explanations.

Social Media Tool of the Week: Athena 1.0 from the Fractured Atlas.

This isn't really a social media tool and it's oriented towards nonprofits in the cultural arts, but it is just so cool that I had to give it a shout out. The Fractured Atlas is a nonprofit that provides guidance to nonprofits in the arts. They do an incredible job and Athena is one of their biggest projects to date.

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