Monday, August 22, 2011

Seriously? The Future of Social Media Birdbrain

My analytics say that several people a day visit this blog. Yet, no one completed my survey. Hmmm. I guess no vote is a vote just the same, and I'll take this information into account as I consider the future of this blog.

Tomorrow I'll be attending a presentation on SEO - a subject that is about as near and dear to my heart as indigestion - and if I learn anything I think might be of use to small nonprofits, I'll share.

In the meantime... I read a post by a very passionate person about how social media (particularly Twitter) seems to be mostly about patting each other on the back and giving encouragement and sympathy, rather than asking the tough questions. I suppose that there may be a prepondonerance of niceness in my stream, but I also see requests for clarification, help thinking something through, and even arguments here and there. I don't get why a tool has to be this way or that way, anyway. The user decides how to employ a tool and how effective the tool is for the purpose. If you like to ask hard questions on Twitter, then ask them. But expecting everyone else to understand that they should be using Twitter the way you think it ought to be used is just asking for disappointment. Personally, I use Twitter to share/find information, have a laugh, and connect with others (I spend the majority of my time alone). I particularly like encouraging people or sympathizing with them when things aren't going so well, since - even in a crowded office - one can still be alone. And here I will border on the salacious by saying, "It's your tool; play with it how you want."

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