Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Be More of a Difference

What with our own expectations, traditions, and the constant admonition to make this the "best Christmas EVER!" the whole season can quickly degenerate into a mass of anxiety-ridden desperation.

The quickest way to help you feel better is to make things better for someone else!

Today I'm volunteering tweets to the Adopt a Family Project in Santa Cruz County, California and devoting this week's post to spotlighting family needs.

If you live in the area, think about enriching your own Christmas by helping to make another family's Christmas a happy one. If you don't live here, I'm sure you can find similar programs in your area - or ones that can easily take its place.

Regardless of religion or politics, the end of the year is usually a time of reflection on your efforts and what you hope for the future, to be grateful for what you have and be generous to those who have less. Though you're part of a small not-for-profit, you're not exempt from this consideration. On the contrary...

For those of you running small nonprofits - consider what you can do to help other small nonprofits engaged in assisting local families during what's often the toughest time of the year for them emotionally.

Staff could adopt a family and the NP donate the occasional tweet or FB post to local agencies serving family needs for the holidays.

I know you've got your own year-end campaign to deal with; just don't get so caught up in the details that you forget about what else you can do as a nonprofit or as an individual or a group of individuals.

It's been said that Christmas is for kids. I think the time between Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve is for reaffirming one's connection to the rest of the community and recognizing that even as we do the work of improving one area, we can still contribute to the betterment of others. Using our knowledge of social media and nonprofits, are we not uniquely qualified?


Ann Ostermann said...

The staff at the Cultural Council of Santa Cruz County is adopting a family. We did this last year and it is a great program. So nice to know that your gift is exactly what that man, woman or child is hoping for!

Robyn McIntyre said...

That's great, @Ann! And if anyone would like to help but find money a little tight, they should check in with Volunteer Santa Cruz County to donate their time and/or social media accounts as I did. Every little bit helps.