Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pin It! Pinterest & Your Small Nonprofit

I thought it was time to tell you how much I like Pinterest and why I think it's good for your small nonprofit, but I was late off the mark and more than a few folks beat me to it.

Over at Nonprofit Tech 2.0 there's a great tutorial for how to get your not-for-profit set up on the site as well as a bit about how Pinterest is being used by savvy nonprofits.

Then skip over to Frogloop where Avi Kaplan gives away ideas on how best to use this new social media community. He also references Beth Kanter and Joe Waters and why they are using Pinterest.

Most Important Tips:
  • Let your supporters pin to your boards.
  • Put a Pinterest button on your website, so people can pin your images to their boards.
I got started with Pinterest in November or December last year and took to it immediately, since I'm very visually oriented and I'm always finding things I want to share. As an artist I'm always looking for inspiration and I find a lot of it on the web. My Pinterest boards give me a place I can collect images and view them in a fun way. Like a lot of the demographic on the site, I enjoy sharing what I find and what others find. It's fun and it can be inspiring as well.

You'll find me there as robynmcintyre. Email me if you need an invite.

By the way - remember that internet blackout on the 18th? If SOPA or PIPA were law, it's likely Pinterest wouldn't exist and the artists whose work shows up there wouldn't be getting pins or repins. Piracy is wrong, but those laws are not the way to fight it.


Amazon has provided a nice application for sending your documents to your Kindle. Check it out.


Beth Kanter said...

Thanks so much for mentioning my post about Pinterest in your blog post!
Here's the link

pinterest marketing tips said...

really cool tip for pinterest users and small business on the lookout..

Rebbecca Burgess said...

Several business are now also start using the advantage of Pinterest to promote some of their sales and products through pinning photos.

Robyn McIntyre said...

Yes they do, Rebecca - it's a great way to introduce your unique products to the niche audience looking for it.