Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Re-Viewing and a Review

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One reason I have thought about ending this blog is because I didn't think I had anything in particular to add to the cacophony of advice and insight from people who have made giving advice and insight a profession (and do damn well at it).

My own insight has never seemed to me to be particularly... insightful. Maybe it's because I live in my head that I don't find anything there to be very remarkable. But I'm exploring the idea that I might be more insightful than I thought.

Recently, I've seen a few things about which I formed an opinion that I figured would be unastonishing, only to find out otherwise. I thought I would give examples here, but it comes off too much like hot air, so I won't.

So from now on, I'm going to try share ideas without pre-labeling them as pedestrian or unremarkable. I've always thought I should let the readers decide what's useful to them and what isn't and by tossing aside my own ideas, I've kind of done you a disservice. I've read tons of posts and articles that were about something that made me think of something else. So, even if my main idea isn't something that would work for you, it could give you a spark to something that would.

This is something I hope you'll do as well. Share your ideas, whatever they are. They may be old to you, but they'll be new to someone and, even if they aren't, maybe your process for uncovering them is. Personally, I'm always interested in someone else's process, that's why I always ask for a comment contribution. Tell me what you think and maybe we'll have a conversation.

About Title Creation

Today I read this post about creating captivating titles. This is advice I have read several times and many people swear by it. Tell you the truth, I won't follow this advice. Apparently it works, but to me titles like that sound like the pitches that sidewalk salesmen give and makes me growl in the back of my throat. As always, do as you please.

Review of Giving 2.0 

Giving 2.0: Transform Your Giving and Our WorldGiving 2.0: Transform Your Giving and Our World by Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Note: I received this book because my nonprofit blog is on Alltop.

I wanted to like it. I always want to like a book, but I couldn't like this one. It's a nonfiction book meant to inform fundraising in a connected/social media age. But the tone was too dry and lacked inspiration, though anecdotes about the history of giving Arrillaga-Andreessen's family were interesting. Often, though, the personal stories came off to me more as a resume-building exercise; a way of listing bona fides rather than providing any illumination or illustration.

Most distressing to me was the organization: dense text with list after list occasionally broken up by the Giving 2.0 logo which is meant to draw you to the website to learn more. I found going back and forth impeded my understanding because I then had to re-insert myself into the narrative. And the information on the website seemed loosely connected to what I was reading, rather than providing a more incisive explanation or expanding on the topic.

In the end, though I picked up the book often, I could not get myself to finish it - not when there are so many other books competing for my attention.

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