Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Google Search Change - Will Your Nonprofit Be Considered Relevant?

Google Search With Knowledge Graph Panel
Google has subtly changed its search results layout to include something called a Knowledge Graph.

When some search results are returned, a panel on the right of the page may display, providing what Google has determined is an appropriate bit of extra information related to the search terms.

In my example (left), I searched for Nitrous Oxide and Google returned links, images, videos, and - a panel on the right. This information, which is an encyclopedic sort of overview of nitrous oxide provided me with enough information that I didn't have to go to Wikipedia or even the site preview I get from my FireFox add-on.

What does this mean to your small non-profit?

Right now, not much. The launch is recent and only available to Google users searching in English. However, it wouldn't surprise me to find that one day, a nonprofit might find itself in one of those panels, if Google deems it relevant to the search. And if they decide to add actions to the information, people might be able to donate or volunteer on the spot. If and when these changes come about, do you think your small nonprofit will be relevant?

For more information about this change to Google search, please read this excellent article by Danny Sullivan at Search Engine Land.

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