Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Call Me Maybe - Video Hangouts & Your Small Nonprofit

Here's a reason you should be on Google+ - hangouts.

G+ Hangouts allow you to gather together as many as ten people (including you) in a virtual room with video and have a chat.

  • Think of being able to get your team in a room no matter where they are (there's a Google Hangout app for smartphones and tables).
  • Think of being able to get some of your board members in a virtual room for a quick decision or consensus.
  • Think about getting some of your volunteers or community members in a room to talk about issues or direction.
  • Think about increasing interaction with stakeholders and donors, clients, local business people...

And it's completely free except for having to have a G+ account.

Google is also experimenting with filming hangouts. I was recently part of a group filmed in a vegetable gardening segment with Shawna Coronado. And Google is using Hangouts as part of their coverage of the Republican and Democratic Conventions, where experts and folks off the street can have a live say about what's happening. Television and journalists are taking note.

With a little experience, you will probably find other great uses for it.

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And if you're wondering what I look/sound like on a Hangout, see Shawna's video here

By The Way

My Big Duck newsletter had a great story about an innovative way to use celebrities to raise awareness and cash for Malaria No More and the Global Poverty Project. This is a terrific example about how the internet and social media can help reach out to people who might not necessarily warm to your cause and convince them to donate just the same.


Nonprofit Website said...

Yes, I think the G+ hangouts are great especially when you want to reach your team at a moment's notice. You text or call them and you meet via smartphones or laptop or tablet. Technology is amazing once you figure out the right way to use it.

Robyn McIntyre said...

That's really the struggle that everyone's having. There is so much technology available and small nonprofits have so little time to devote to trying and evaluating. It can be overwhelming. Then, as you point out, it's not just having the technology, it's knowing how to use it in a way that will bring the most benefit.