Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Way We Role - Modeling Your Small Nonprofit

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This week Social Media Birdbrain has a guest blogger, Erin Palmer, with a post on role models and your small nonprofit.

Find Your Nonprofit
Role Model

Where would you be without your role models? From childhood, people start looking to those around them for advice and guidance. These role models help influence decisions, careers and even lives. People will have many role models throughout their lives. Having a role model to look up to can make such a positive difference in your life.

People look for personal and career mentors all of the time, so why not utilize the same principles for a nonprofit? There are so many organizations that do good, and each one represents a learning opportunity.  If you want to be the best nonprofit possible, you should learn from the best nonprofits possible.

Look for special qualities

Nonprofits excel in different things. Some might be masters of organizing events while others always have a lot of success in fundraising. Pay attention to the qualities that other nonprofits have perfected and see how you can incorporate these methods into your own organization.

Even the creative elements of another nonprofit can be a source of inspiration. If a nonprofit creates some particularly powerful messaging, use it as a learning experience. Dissect what makes the ad so powerful. Is it the wording or the imagery? Try to learn about how to create a stronger call to action or finding the right photo to suit the message.

Branch out

It can be beneficial to focus on organizations that are different from your own. Just because two organizations have entirely different focuses doesn’t mean that they can’t teach one another. The leadership of a human rights organization can inspire positive change for an environmental nonprofit. What your mentor nonprofit does isn’t the most important thing. It is how they do it that’s important.

Work together

To really maximize your benefits, don’t just watch another nonprofit from afar. Be proactive and plan some mutually beneficial ways that you can work together. Consider pooling your resources to put on event and splitting the profits. You could rotate your volunteers through both organizations to double recruiting efforts. Working together can spark new ideas and help to get more out of each nonprofit.

Give back

The idea of giving back is familiar territory to anyone working in the nonprofit industry. However, you should aim to give not only to those that your charity aims to help, but to other nonprofits as well. It is wonderful when you can find a nonprofit to serve as a mentor to your organization. It is just as wonderful to take the time to serve as a role model to another nonprofit.

Every nonprofit starts with a dream, a cause and a lot of ambition. However, it can also be a time of questions, red tape and other confusion. Helping out a nonprofit that is just getting started can create a lasting relationship. More importantly, it can help others to make the world a better place. After all, isn’t that what it’s all about?

About Erin Palmer

 Erin is a writer and editor for the University Alliance where she writes about the sort of nonprofit and public sector topics relevant to a Masters in public administration online program. Erin also covers business subjects found in human resources degree programs.

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