Wednesday, November 21, 2012

First World Problems

First World Problems (image from FunnyJunk)
It's Thanksgiving time again here in the U.S. For some, it's an opportunity to gather with family or friends and eat roast turkey and maybe watch - or play- a little football. Most people will give up social communication for the day in favor of face-to-face communication with those they love.

For others, Thursday the 22nd will be just another day of working or maybe trying to find a job. In farther places, people will be trying to find clean water or something to eat. Some will be trying avoid death squads or modern day slavers. They will be glad to have made it through the day, if they do. And there will be some of those closer to home than there should be.

Those of you who work in small nonprofits are trying to help. Maybe your work doesn't involve  rescuing people from drought or flood. Or performing surgery in far-off places with little to no medical service. Perhaps it deals with library books or good nutrition in the land of junk food, or maybe you stage a festival every year.

At times like these, while we are grateful for our own health, the very richness and abundance of our lives, we may feel some guilt as we remember those who do not share our bounty. And that's not a bad thing. We should remember them, be mindful of them, because - except for the accident of birth - we might be them.

We can also be thankful for the work we do and that it is useful work in our society. We can be grateful to those who do the work we cannot do and commend them. We can renew our desire and effort for another year to continue to contribute towards making the whole world a better place for everyone to live. And we can do that - as Theodore Roosevelt once instructed - by doing the best we can, where we are, with what we have.

THANK YOU for the work you do. Never doubt its value.

Happy Thanksgiving.

By The Way

Consider a family project volunteering outside your own nonprofit area. You can be the difference by checking out the opportunities available in your community through your local volunteer center.

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