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Slacktivists are Influencers

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I've never been a fan of the term 'slacktivist' which implies the person is interested in your nonprofit cause but too lazy or poor to do more than click 'Like' or upvote your link on Reddit.

Traditionally, people who don't donate much in the way of cash don't get the personal outreach that big ticket donors do, and in these days of social communications, that's a bad move.

What's Valuable - Influence

At a small nonprofit I worked at, forty or fifty small checks came in a day. I'd say the average donation contained in the envelope was around $5. Not much alone, but added together, they helped a lot. Influence is like that. If you're talking with people online, responding to their comments and questions and asking questions of your own, posting great content as well as pictures and video, you'll gather a following of people whose influence mightily exceeds their cache of disposable funds.

When these people forward your links, "Like" your content, post your logo, they are endorsing your mission and values. And their followers, family, and friends are paying attention. Before social media, how many of your direct mailings do you think got passed from friend to friend? How many phone calls home to Mom included the phrase, "By the way, I just donated to this great cause - you should check it out"? It's easy and fast to promote your fave causes now and to take advantage of it requires only that you ask.

Call To Action

When you send out your emails, direct mail, post content, and write your blog, it's not enough to make share buttons readily available - ask your reader/viewer to share the idea. Get in the habit of asking and not only will the word get around about your small nonprofit, but maybe the volunteers and the checks will come in as well.

By The Way

Some influencers have bigger followings than others and it's a good idea to try to cultivate them. I'll be doing a post on that next week. Also, if you liked this article, please share it! Thanks.
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