Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Happy Holidays

Given the statistics, it appears you guys very much like posts about new apps and tools that you can use to further your social outreach, so I'll keep that in mind as we move into 2013.

This year has been very dramatic - I won't recount the events, since there are plenty of comics, pundits, and magazine/news shows that will do a better job - but this has been one of the toughest years for people in general that I can remember.

For me, this December has been a reminder of some large personal losses that significantly changed how I live my life; losses that I have seen reflected too often lately in the lives of others I know. It's part of the human condition, but knowing that doesn't keep it from sucking.

Anyway, this is my last post of 2012. I'm going to try to devote some time to the holiday season; something I haven't done for the last five or six years. And I'm also seriously considering going offline for a week or so to spend some time in retreat to think about new goals.

I wish you all an enjoyable time with your families, clarity of thought and purpose, rationality, compassion, an awareness of yourself as part of a larger whole, and the love of those you care for (including fur kids).

As always, if you have ideas, apps, or tools you'd like me to cover, just drop a comment into the little box.

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