Wednesday, February 6, 2013

We're All Data Now

data tunnel
Image via InkHouse PR & Social Content

'Big Data' is the buzzword this year - as if your small nonprofit agency doesn't know data is important. But here are a couple of articles related to this subject that I think are worth reading (and there's a third, if you count where this week's image came from).

Why You Need to Care About Data by Jonathan Gardner

This article looks at data in terms of what is being collected and why we should be paying attention

By the way, the above article is published via Medium, an online publishing venue that seeks to put out quality over quantity. It's headed by Ev Williams, who was one of the three who put together Blogger, now owned by Google. It could be the place for those more penetrating essays that don't quite fit on your nonprofit blog.

The second article looks at data less in terms of what and more at how it can be used to find patterns and challenge our assumptions.

The Philosophy of Data by David Brooks at the New York Times.

Game-ify Your Info

Finally, here's another tool you might find useful if you're considering using game tech to entertain and educate. eQuizShow provides you with templates and other tools for using your information to create a gameshow style quiz. Marketing, fundraising, or other types of outreach may benefit from making learning more fun. Check eQuizShow out here.

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