Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Are They Ignoring Your Small Nonprofit on Facebook?

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The great move of 10 miles continues. While I am finishing cleaning, sorting, disposing, and more cleaning, here are some thoughts for you to chew on.

Are They Ignoring Your Small Nonprofit on Facebook?

Then maybe you need better content. Here are some ideas from Social Media Today on how you can get more engagement. Some of these we have talked about before, but I find that when I'm trying to get something really learned, repetition doesn't hurt. The advice in this post is slanted towards businesses, but we don't mind that, because it's all grist for the mill, right? How To Get Your Fans to Stop Ignoring You on Facebook.

Sharing a Photo Album on Facebook

While we're on FB... How many times have you had an event and begged everyone who attended with a a camera to send you their photos so you could add them to your FB album? Wouldn't it be great if you could just share access to the album and get them uploaded directly? Well, MakeUseOf has the breakdown on Facebook's shared album feature: How To Make a Shared Photo Album on Facebook.

Another Way to Use Instagram Photos

I like scavenger hunts and social media is the perfect way to update them so anyone across the country can participate. Digiday shows us how Heineken created a promotional scavenger hunt using Instagram: Heineken Creates a New Kind of Scavenger Hunt.

I hope you read through last week's guest post on using video, and I'd love to see any examples of what it inspired you to film. As always, if you've got problems, questions, or suggestions on future posts, drop a line in the comments and we'll see what we can do. Problems are particularly welcome - crowdsourcing solutions is fun!

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