Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Can Metta Be a Useful Social Media Tool for Your Small Nonprofit?

Here's a little something I created using a new tool called Metta (which I learned about through Take a look and then we'll talk more.

So, as you've no doubt figured out, Metta is a tool for taking visuals and putting them together to create a video. I only used still pictures and text, but you can also use video and music or record your own voiceover. You can also include a poll - the viewer has to answer before the next slide will display - and you can choose whether or not to display poll results.

It's free to use although it has advanced features that come with a premium account. And when finished, you can have the media show displayed only on their site, embed it on your site, and there's even a launch code for WordPress. Once the show is saved, you can tweet it or post it to Facebook from your profile page.

Upsides and Downsides

1. You can search for images, videos, quotes, and soundtracks
right from the site
  • They use YouTube, Yahoo image search, Twitter, and Soundgarden
  • You can drag in your own image, etc., or use a url
  • You can't change out a graphic once you've inserted it into a slide (which Metta calls a clip), you have to delete the slide and make a new one
  • You can position the graphic within the window, but you can't resize it
  • If you want to re-use a piece of media, you can select it from a ribbon on the right side of the screen
2. You can include a poll slide and choose to have the percentages calculated and displayed.

  • The free account only captures the first 10 responses.

3. It's not hard to learn, but it's clumsy.

  • Trimming the length of each clip can be kind of tricky unless you're used to working with video.
  • There's no fade-out, so using video or audio clips can result in abrupt cuts unless you let them run all the way. 
  • Some of the how-tos are not as helpful as they might be - the step-by-step is very short and not detailed, but there is a how-to guide, a forum, and a 'chat-like support'.

4. It's not expensive - with three tiers

  • Free  gets you .01GB storage and only the first ten poll responses are collected
  • $5/mo (paid annually) will get you 1GB of storage, viewing & poll statistics, private sharing, co-editing, and custom colors, 100 responses per poll
  • $7/mo (paid annually) will get you 10GB of storage, all of the other perks, and 10,000 responses per poll*
* Why the huge difference between $5 and $7 on poll responses, I don't know.

There are other applications out there that might suit your video/slideshow embedding needs better, but the option of having a poll makes Metta attractive, although not so much at the free level. If you've used this tool or will try it, drop me a comment and let me know what you think.

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