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Making Video on a Shoestring: Videolean - a Review

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We've been talking about video and infographics lately, so I was interested when I came across the blurb for Videolean on MakeUseOf.com.

It's not really video so much as it is slides that are surrounded by video. For example, video of someone swiping across or up and down an iPad on which your text and graphics are shown.

Ease of Use

It was fairly easy to use. You pick a template and you enter your text for each slide, then pick a picture to go with it:

You can pick from an impressive selection of possible origins for your picture, too:

Once you've selected a picture, a picture editing tool comes up and, after setting the size and image placement, you can tweak the image with the usual tools like contrast and brightness, but you also get some tools I wouldn't have expected, like 'stickers' and 'effects':

You repeat this process for all of the available slides.

A soundtrack selection screen then displays, but you don't get to see how it will work with your video, you just have to guess. If your video is long, the music loops. You can opt out of music by clicking to play a piece, then clicking on the volume button to silence it. Further, there's no radio button or box indicating which music you've selected, so I guessed that whatever was playing when I clicked 'next' would be what I got and I was right.


Editing is a little clumsy; there are several steps involved, not including the edits themselves. Each time you edit a slide you have to go through the step of going back into edit mode, rather than staying with the index of slides until all your edits are complete.


In a short time, your video is ready to preview. Videolean warns you that it will be low quality and watermarked with their logo until such time as you purchase the video for $29.00.

You can, if you want to, share the preview video for three days via a link so you can get feedback on it and maybe make more changes. This link is to my completed video and it's only good for the next three days. So if you want to see it, click away: Videolean Test. If I'm understanding their terms correctly, you can continue to make edits and download the video another three times after purchase before you will be required to purchase it again. You, of course, own the downloaded version.


As I mentioned, getting a high quality version of the video without watermark will cost you $29.00. Interestingly, their legal page doesn't seem to match what the site does now. In the Terms and Conditions, it says the free tier is entitled to one download and they had other tiers including "pay per use", "agency," and "marketer". But all that's available is the "buy now" button, which takes you directly to PayPal.

Whether or not this service would be cost effective for your small nonprofit depends on how often you would use the video and how often it might need to be changed or scrapped and a new one made. If you decide to give it a try, let me know what you think of it.

Note: Videolean is in public beta and seems to have originally oriented towards providing startups with a low cost video elevator pitch.
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