Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Learning and How

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The Glory Days - 1955 World Series Scorecard (Photo credit: wallyg)
For those of you less older than the hills, 'And how!' was a catchphrase of my mother's generation - the equivalent of 'word'. Last week, I put up a post about writing, and I used a new tool - one that analyzes headlines to see how appealing they are. The headline I used had a very good rating. I thought the content of the post was useful as well.

But the post got less than half the readers the blog normally gets. It bombed and how.

Do you not like posts about writing? Was the content not as interesting to you as to me? Was the headline the opposite of what I thought - less inviting rather than more? I'm still working out the answers. If you'd like to weigh in, please drop me a comment.

In the meantime, I found what I think is some useful information, but the different posts don't share much other than being interesting, so let's just consider this a roundup:


Are you using it? And if you are, how are you using it? MakeUseOf's Joel Lee has some tips on what not to do.


I frequent two Twitter Chats. Have you ever considered having your small nonprofit host one? Nonprofit Tech for Good tells you how.


I'm a proponent of getting awareness of your mission through any social media means (ethical and legal) possible. But do the 'likes' and the retweets really help? One of my favorite reads, The Monkey Cage addresses this issue using data in an article by Laura Seay.

Rewards System

MakeUseOf is using software and tee shirts together with a point system as an incentive to get more people recommending or forwarding their articles. Would this be something you'd try? Or maybe you've already tried it. If you did, did you consider it worthwhile?  I'm really on the fence about this. On the face of it, it seems like a useful program, but I have to wonder what the objective is? Are they buying endorsements? Will this result in more readers or is this purely a bid for higher interaction numbers in the short term without regard future loyalty? What do you think?

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