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Are All Donors Major Donors? In Social Medialand, Yes!

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Over at A Small Change, Jason Dick had an interesting idea: how about treating every donor as a major donor? You're probably already thinking about your response. A lot of other people had responses, too - and they were all thoughtful and well worth reading.

What's the lowest donation amount your small nonprofit has received? In a general way, would you say that person and the number of other persons like that one receive the same acknowledgment as the ones who make the really substantial donations? Do you have tiers? Special events and premiums that donors in one donation bracket get that others don't?

Probably. And at least one of Jason Dick's responders felt that was the way of things and it would be naive to think otherwise. You should definitely read the post and the attending comments.

Social Media as a Leveler

One thing I really love about social media is that it's pretty much the same for everyone. There are no brackets and no set of events that some can attend and others can't. I think it's probably more likely to find your engagement is more often with donors of small amounts than with major donors. So social media is one place where you really can get to know the bread and butter donors, because cultivating donors is all about relationships and that is what social media is all about as well.

Once a year, you throw a party for the major donors and a show-and-tell that is a highlight reel of your accomplishments using their funding. But you have an opportunity every day to communicate with people who may only send you $100 a year or less, but for whom that is a generous slice of their budget.

Newsletters and emails are informative and can be somewhat interactive with links and polls, but on FB or Twitter or Instagram or Pinterest, you can not only post about what you are working to accomplish, but get almost immediate feedback on how well you are communicating that effort. Then you can follow-up and keep the conversation going.

Some areas of fund-raising are still stratified and that's probably not going to change. But there are plenty of avenues for cultivating smaller donors as though they were bigger donors, and they're right at your fingertips.

Resource of the Week: Let It Ripple - Mobile films for global change.

These folks have some really nice films they have put together and they're offering your small nonprofit customized branding so you can make use of these wonderful films for to the benefit of your mission. These are the films available for customization:
Here's a sample - A Declaration of Interdependence.

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