Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Is Your Small NGO Outside of the Donor-Advised Fund Pie?

Image from Blue Mountain Community Foundation

If your small NGO's mission deals with the basic needs of your community, you may already know this economy has left you with less to work with and more to work for as middle-class income has stagnated. But did you know that getting those high-income donors could be more difficult than you thought? And that the reason for that may be donor-advised funds?

An article in the New Yorker lays things out:
"[...] findings showed that in 2005 people with an annual household income of less than a hundred thousand dollars tended to donate mostly to religious organizations and to groups, such as food banks, that help people meet their basic needs. By contrast, those whose household income was a million dollars or more gave disproportionately to health and education organizations, while those dedicated to basic needs received the smallest share. As more income gets concentrated among the rich, Reich said, it stands to reason that their chosen charities will benefit disproportionately."
Read the whole article here.

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