Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Explain (Video) Yourself

Looking for a new way to reach out to your community? Consider an explainer video. As Eric Blattberg lays out in this Digiday article, explainer videos are hot. Why?

  • Explainer videos make a subject quickly understandable
  • Video learning is often easier for viewers as well as entertaining
  • Explainer videos are less expensive to produce than other videos
  • Explainer videos have a long shelf life, if not tied to current events
  • Explainer videos travel well across social media platforms

How Would Your Small NGO Use An Explainer Video?

An explainer video can be the perfect vehicle for laying out why your NGO approaches a problem with a specific strategy or can help you get across the complicated reasons why your mission is essential to the community or just how a program works.

Once you have the explainer video you can use it to educate grantors, board members, volunteers, and new staffers. It can be showcased at events, be sent to help provide background on your NGO, used at conferences and become part of a video library of your community work.

How To Make Your Own Explainer Video

There are a number of good articles available that explain what you'll need and how to put it all together. Here are some that I found with a quick Google search:

And a really comprehensive article is:

Is There More Inexpensive Help I Can Get?

There are a number of online companies offering tools to help you put together your explainer video. Here are a few I found:
Know what you need and evaluate any potential service or tool accordingly, That said, the best way to know whether something will work for you or not is to use it. If you are the hands-on type and you can make the time, I recommend taking advantage of free trials. You may even learn enough to have confidence is building your own explainer video from scratch.

Video is an excellent way to get a point across. Entertaining, informative, it could be one of the best tools in your small nonprofit's tool box.

Got your own explainer video story? Tell us about it in the comments.

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