Thursday, July 2, 2015

Turn Your Unopened Emails Into Opportunity For Engagement

Most times you're so busy, you probably are just glad you got the letter out to your small nonprofit's email subscribers. But you could be missing a chance to connect - to deepen your relationship with them.

Rather than just reviewing the data on opens and clicks you get from your outgoing news, take a good look at the information on who is not opening your email and send those subscribers a targeted email. Tell them you've noticed they haven't been responding. Ask them if they need to change the frequency or type of email they get from you. Ask if there's something they'd like to see that you aren't showing them. Give them links and a name with email address to follow up with if they want to.

Show them that they are important to you and you might start seeing their email addresses move from 'unopened' to 'opened' and 'clicked through'.


Nonprofit Tech for Good is again offering free webinars on using data and best practices. They're a good resource - take advantage.

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