Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Too Early for Christmas? Not If You're a Nonprofit

Most people hate that the end of the year holiday buying season seems to start earlier and earlier. But if you're a small business in the economic downturn OR a small nonprofit, you know that time is not on your side.

I recently found a few articles I thought would be handy information for those of you who haven't firmed up your end-of-year campaigns.

Donor Engagement Throughout the Season

Classy.org's blog makes a very good point. We all know that engagement is the sine qua non, the ingredient most indispensable to social media and fundraising, but how many of us have given any thought to maintaining and supporting engagement throughout an entire season built around your end-of-year-asking strategy? They have, of course. And the advice is great:

  1. Use one theme for the season (Unifies everything and provides continuity.)
  2. Vary your calls to action (Don't ask for exactly the same thing every time. If it were me, I would also include requests for volunteers for specific groups or programs or maybe supplies or something else your small nonprofit needs.)
  3. Tailor your messages to your donor segments (One size does not fit all. And remember that some donors like data and some like visual.)
  4. Steward your donors in between donations (When people donate money, give them a break from asking for a while - they've done a good thing, let them have a moment.)
The blog post elaborates on these ideas; read it here.

Four Things to Know About Christmas Giving

The JustGiving.com blog is giving us four infographics on things we should know about our end-of-year giving. Here's a part of it.

Like the four questions I learned in journalism classes, the infographics ask you to know When? Where? Why? But instead of Who?, they ask How?

1. When do people give?
2. Where are your donors?
3. Why are they giving?
4. How are they giving?

Obviously, their information may not be quite your information (note their amounts are in pounds rather than dollars). But this is data that you can uncover and which might make a difference in how you decide your strategy and select your end-of-year theme as well as how you tailor your message to your donor segments.

See the four infographics together here.

Data Matters

Your small NGO has pressing needs, but don't let your needs shape your strategy and ask. Know your community. When you know your donors, you can ask for what you need in the way most likely to be successful.

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